Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Cannot Believe It's Gluten Free! (Red Velvet Cakes)

Finally, no more traveling for work for several days. I got to make the long-delayed Red Velvet cake based on a friend's recipe. However, it is using the regular cake flour so I converted it to the gluten-free version. As matter of a fact, I made 2 red velvet cakes - one is gluten free and the other is the regular cake flour version. Both are filled and covered with cooked butter cream frosting.

Both cakes taste wonderfully! I cannot believe that one of them is gluten free! LOL. I also make some changes of the frosting. The original recipe calls for butter but I do not like the greasy taste of the butter so I substitute with "You cannot believe it's not butter". It turns out great! It keeps the same smooth texture and rich taste but less greasy and fat! Really a great cake! Thanks for the original recipe, Tommy!

Since it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, I have to make the family favorite Dutch Apple pie for the family dinner tomorrow, too. It has the gluten free topping as well. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wrap Up Work In Florida

Don't mean to desert this blog for so long and I wonder if I still have any reader left for this blog. :)

I have been in Gainesville, Florida for work since the beginning of this month. It gets to so busy that sometimes I even forget to eat dinner. The only plus thing about working down here is the nice warm weather. It is still around 75'F (22'C) during the day time. There is an empty slot next to my workplace as the extra parking as shown in the picture. It is right next to highway so it has this Mac sign which I always walk by during the break. Finally, all the work is done and I am ready heading back to Wisconsin to bravely embrace the cold! LOL.