Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eight Treasure Rice For Dragon Boat Festival

The summer is here finally and it was Dragon Boat festival on this past Thursday. That was one of the three big festivals for Chinese besides Chinese new year and moon festival. Usually, Chinese people make bamboo leaves wrapped rice dumplings to celebrate the festival. But I decide to make this beautiful and delicious "eight treasure rice" dish instead since I do not have access to the bamboo leaves here for rice dumplings.

The "Eight Treasure Rice" dish is usually made in Chines New year. It has sweet rice, sweet red bean paste inside, and six kinds of candied fruits to make it "eight treasure". It is a famous sweet Chinese desserts. Sometimes, it is translated as "eight treasure rice pudding", which is very strange to me since it is nothing to do with the soupy kind of pudding. This dish is best served in warm. Yummy! Besides the food, my busy summer volunteer season for American Red Cross as a first aid provider has started as well. So far, I have not treated any victim with serious injury yet. But I think that will change when the big 11-day music festival in Milwaukee, Summerfest, starts on this coming Thursday. By the way, happy father's day to all the fathers in US today!