Thursday, September 11, 2008

Typhoon Approaches And Ruins the Moon Festival

The typhoon Sinlaku has turned into a 200 mph level 4 typhoon and will impact Taipei tonight and the following 3 days. It was supposed to be Moon festival on this coming Sunday but now I think all the celebrations, picnics and outdoor concerts will all have to be cancelled for local people here. I will just stay home with my parents and watch TV I think. The 60% high humidty and the 90'F (34'F) weather really drives me crazy. Even the smallest movement will cause me sweat a lot.

My sister and I accompanies my mom to her doctor appointment yesterday so the doctor could do a more detailed check and took more tissue samples from the possible cencer infected area. The result would take almost a week to come out but my sister has used her connections so that the result
will be available sooner. We will plan to go back to review the result with the doc to decide how soon the surgery can be performed to remove the infected area. Hope that they can perform the procedure before my planned flight back to US schedule.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Emergency

I have been home for several days and currently try to deal with an unexpected family emergency. My mom went through a routine health check last week and got a notice one day before I got home that she has very early stage of the cervical cancer. My sister and I are trying our best to get her into the hospital as soon as possible. So far, we are lucky to get the early appointment with one of the best cervical cancer doctor in the country on this coming Thursday to do more detailed check and maybe the surgery to remove the whole womb next week. I am just happy that the condition got found so early and I come home to visit at the right time so I can take care of her.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Head Back Home For Vacation

It has been 2 years since I went back home to visit my parents in Asia. I will start my 27-hour trip tomorrow morning. I will first leave from Milwaukee to Detroit, and wait for 4 hours at the Detroit airport to catch the next 15-hour flight to Osaka, Japan, then wait for another 2 hours there and catch the next 3-hour flight to get home. Once I get to the airport back home, it will be another 1.5-hour bus ride to get my parents' house. I cannot say that I will enjoy the long journey but it is worth seeing my parents again after so long. Maybe I will have some pictures to share when I am back to US.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Worked In Cleveland

I have been traveled quite some for work recently. Spent the whole week in Cleveland, Ohio for work last week. The leaves have started to change color even though it was only the end of the August. The weather there had become very cool at night and rained a little. The autumn seemed to be around the corner soon there. Fortunately, it was still fairly warm during the daytime when the sun was out.

I was actually there for the training of some work stuffs. The faculty took us all to a nice dinner at the last day of the training. We originally planned to go a Thai restaurant but we did not find out that it apparently was out of business when all about 20 of us drove to the place. We then decided to switch to a Caribbeans restaurant. It had this very big stone fire pit that we could all sit around and enjoy our food. The only problem was that the heat created by it was too much for us since it was still around 70'F (20'C). The restaurant manager came to turn off the fire but the heat was still lingering around for hours even after we left. Overall, it was a good training. I flew back home on Friday night and right got into all the hypes of the Harley-Davidson 105th anniversary biker week. The traffic jam was just bad. It will be the story of next post.