Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Is Here! Finally!

Finally, it seems that the spring is here. The temperature rises to 50s and the sun has come out. After spending half of my time in Florida so far, it is nice to see that some of the flowers in the garden start to wake up and grow. The crocus has started to bloom nicely. All the nice different colors. Hope that the spring is really here. It seems that it is going to rain for the rest of the week. But I guess it is better than snow.

Today, I went to the new gym I joined at the beginning of this year. Due to all the traveling, this was my 2nd time to go there. All these work trip wastes my expensive gym membership. And I am not happy to find out that I lose so much strength already since I could not work out in the past 3 months. I used to be able to bench easily with 110 lb dumb bell but I even felt 70 lb was a little bit heavy today! Really need to go back it and build up again!

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