Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Waited 2 Hours In Line But Could Not Get In To Vote

I waited in line for 2 hours this morning since 6:20am but still could not get even close to the poll place. There were almost another 100 people in the front of me when I had to quit and went to work around 8:30am. The line moves so slowly due to the problems of lots of unprepared people for registering to vote the first time. The preparation work of the poll place is really not good. They should have a separate line way outside the poll place for on-site register so the rest of the pre-registered people can just get in to vote and get out. I will try to leave work around 2:00pm to see if I can get in to vote.

Note: Got back to vote after work around 6:30pm. Got in and got out in less than 30 minutes! And Obama is our next president! Yay!

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