Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cambodian Snacks (Warning: If you are or going to have some food, don't read this post now!)

Warning: If you are or going to have some food, don't read this post now! Ok, now since you have been warned, you must have seen the picture with this post. After all the delicious cookies pictures, it really takes me a while to decide if I want to post this. Anyway, my parents joined a tour around Christmas time to the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia. They told me the story last week when I talked to them on the phone. Here it goes.

The temple was amazing and the trip was good. And during the trip, their tour bus stopped at a local market spot so they could go to bathroom or have some snacks. Their local tour guide bought 4 pieces of the "snacks" from a local lady who sold the thing in a big bucket in the picture (my dad took the picture). However, nobody would dare to try it so the local tour guide just enjoyed the snacks all by himself. And he also claimed that one piece of the snacks containing lots of "eggs" and really tasted yummy. I think I am going to throw up even when I type this. Do you know what the snack is?

Spiders! Each one is bigger than your palm! Yike!


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I feel the same too!

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Do they have a spider farm? Ohmigod! There's Charlotte!!!