Friday, May 29, 2009

Back To Wisconsin - Spring Is Here

It has been a while since my last post due to my trip back to Asia. I have flown thousands of miles in the past 3 weeks back and forth between US and Asia. And all the hassle in Asian airports for the H1N1 passengers check made the trip even longer to reach almost 35 hours each way. On my way to Asia, it took almost 2 hours after my flight landed at Tokyo-Narita airport to have the fully medical staff on board and take the body temperature of all 300 something passengers. The same process was repeated when I waited at Tokyo for the flight back to US. the same airplane was from US and needed to deplane all the passengers from US first so we could board and head back to US. For the same reason, the flight was delayed 2 hours or so and we completely missed the connection flight when we finally got to Minneapolis. I saw these interesting battery powered toys at the Tokyo airport as shown in the picture. Their head will slowly swing around and sing music.

The real strange thing is that it seems that the rest of the world are treating this H1N1 like the death plague but nobody seems to care back to US. Anyway, it is quite a different scenery to come back to Wisconsin after spending 2 weeks overseas. All the trees have leaves and there are flowers blooming everywhere. Of course, that just means the bad allergy is back and big time of sneezing. There are even lots of new geese hatched and walk around the parking lots. They are really cute until they start to grow up and poop everywhere.It looks that lots of people had a great Memorial Day at Chicago. Too bad that I was adjusting the jet lag and could not go to meet some bloggers I have communicated on line for a while. Aw, well, maybe next time!


Sam said...

Wow, cool! Where did you go? Did you see any interesting sites? Post pictures!

Steven said...

Yeah, my brother is freaking out to see if my mom should delay the return to US.

Well enjoy lush green. My allergy has been going for almost two months as it happens every year. Especially I am outside all the time. That does not help,

Ice John's World said...

Sam: I went back to Asia to visit my parents and stayed only one week so actually did not take pictures.

Steven: I know what you meants about the allergy suffering! The spring flowers are pretty but I just cannot wait for all the tree pollens to go away so I can breathe!