Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Cookies 3 - Raspberry Chocolate Cookie Bar

It is a bright sunny day today but that can be deceiving! It is actually freezing cold. The average temperature now is only 5'F (-15'C)! Bundle up or stay indoor! LOL. Continue the holiday cookies baking marathon. This is another back to basic cookie recipe (man, I watch too much "Barefoot Contessa"). It has a shortbread base mixed with chopped pecans. We then add a layer of semi-sweet chocolate followed by a layer of raspberry jam, then, another layer of shortbread/pecan/oatmeal topping! Can you say yummy! :) By the way, I made this one gluten free too!


Robguy said...

I could eat a whole pan of these.

Ice John's World said...

Great that you like it, Rob!