Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! It's Tiger Year!

It was Chinese new year yesterday and this post was supposed to come out yesterday. However, I got stuck at Atlanta airport on the way back from Florida last Saturday so I really did not have the time and energy to complete it yesterday. After spending 14 hours at the Atlanta airport and being re-booked 3 times to different flights and been told 4 times of gate changes, I finally could get a flight to a small town, Appleton, Wisconsin (2-hour north of Milwaukee) that night. Otherwise, I would be stuck there for another 48 hours and the airline would not pay for meals or hotels since they claimed that the delay was caused by the "2-inches" (5 cm) of snow. What a joke for most of us live on the north that experience several feet (30 cm or more) of snow all the time in the winter! Anyway, I finally got home around mid-night on this past Saturday and I just did not have the energy to post until now. :)

Good thing is that I have already made both the red bean year cake and the brown sugar "Fa"cake (means prosperous) before I left for Florida one week ago. The year cake is made of glutenous rice flour, red bean, and brown sugar. After steaming it for about 30 to 40 minutes, it came out just right and had the beautiful color. The "Fa" cake is made of baking powder, rice flour, and brown sugar and went through the similar steaming process. The cracking on the top of the "Fa" cake is very important since it looks like the smile and means that the business and the fortunate in the upcoming new year will be wonderful! Since my "Fa" cakes all have nice looking cracks. Hope this will be a great tiger year!


Sam said...

happy new year john! the ATL airport is the worst place to be stuck for hours..its a horrible airport. i feel your pain.

Ice John's World said...

Thanks, Sam! Happy new year to Steven too!

Mary said...

Interesting ... Do you know how to make baked Manju too? I don't know what "manju" is in English though. It as the azuki beans inside and on the outside, it is like a crust.