Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Lantern Festival

Fa CakeHappy lantern festival! It is dragon year this year and of course there are lots of celebrations back in Asia. I have been very busy and do not have too much time to post here. But I still managed to make the Fa cake and year cake.

2012There is a big lantern festival going on in Taipei, Taiwan. It is quite a beautiful show that you can check out here. Of course, it is a usual working day here in US so no celebration at all. This winter actually is very mild and sunny. It sometimes confuses me that if I am still in Florida for work. :) But I still bought some sticky rice balls to eat to celebrate the lantern festival. Happy dragon year!


Mary said...

It would be wonderful to visit Taiwan one day to see the lantern festival and to eat such tasty food. hehehe I heard that in Taiwan, they have some of the best food.

Ice John's World said...

Yeah, they do have lots of great food there!