Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dragon Wars

It is quite a nice weekend so far. I went to the see the movie, "Dragon Wars" today.

I have seen the production photos and some teasers through years of this movie. It was always marked as a Korean so I was really surprised when I started to see the movie trailer of it on TV and Internet last month.
I think it is a quite good movie. The special effects and the CGI monsters are much better than the US Godzilla movie several years ago. Considering the low budget/cost of this movie, I really think that the Korean director of this movie just opens up another door for Hollywood to make some great movies without paying that much for the CGI process.

The story of the movie is very simple (or silly). As the legend, a dragon cannot fly to heaven unless it gets the life energy from a special woman born every 500 years. The woman will have to sacrifice her life to the snake form of the dragon when she turns 20 so the dragon can gain the true power and transforms to the powerful form and fly to the heaven. At the same time, there are 2 snake form of dragon wanting for this life energy, one good and one evil. To avoid the evil one gets the woman first, a warrior was born at the same time to protect the woman. As the story goes, 500 years ago in Korea, the warrior fell in love with the woman so he could see the woman killed for the dragon. They decided to jump off the cliff to kill themselves before the evil snake could get to them. Fast forward to nowadays, 500 years later, both warrior and the woman are re-born in LA. So, as you can imagine, the evil snake and the army have to invade LA to get them and at the end some dragon/snakes war to finish the story.

Forget about all the bad reviews you read about this movie. It is purely an entertaining monster movie, not an Oscar award candidate. If you like the old-fashion monster movie, I think you will like this one too.


jimmycity said...

I saw "The Host" on dvd a few weeks back. It was a good Korean monster movie, too! I will look for this one!

Ice John's World said...

Jimmy, I think you will enjoy the "Dragon Wars" if you like "the Host".