Friday, March 21, 2008

100th Post! O Spring, Where Art Thou?

It is my 100th post in this blog! I was going to write something exciting but things changed when I opened the window this morning. I just cannot believe that it snows like crazy again today. It's already the Easter Sunday and we are still looking at the 8-10 inches of snow and winter storm today. What a nasty winter this year! This is one of the worst winter in decades. Cannot wait for the spring really arrives. I guess I should not whine so much about it since I will go back down to Florida for work again in one week.

Aw, well, go back to the topic of this 100th post. At the beginning, I was just testing this trendy "blog" thing. But it turns out to be a fun journey to record some moments of life. And I got to make some good on-line friends and read some of their interesting life experience. Hope that I will get to meet some of my on-line friends before I hit the 200th post mark. Happy Easter!


Michael said...

We just didn't want you to forget about Winter up here!

Ice John's World said...

This is gonna be a record breaking nasty winter!

jimmycity said...

We had BETTER meet some day! I want you to bake me that Golf Course cake!

I'm gettin skinny now so I can eat it later!

DEREK said...

wow now that's cold. I am finally at rest. I got moved into my new place Saturday. I love it, it's so much more peaceful. Right by the river, big magnolia trees everywhere. New pictures will be coming soon, as soon as I get my internet hooked up, lol. Hope your doing great. I sure wish I could have met you when you were here, are you coming back anytime soon.


Ice John's World said...

Jimmy: Sure I will bake you a big golf course cake so you can enjoy it if we do get to meet!

Derek: Nice to hear that you have moved into the new place and liked it! I am back to Gainesville for another 2 weeks again. I will come down here quite often. Definitely have to arrange a meeting with you sometime.