Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunny Day Trip To Cedar Key

It is another straight working weekend. This will almost be the 15 straight working day. Fortunately, I was able to get out for several hours to visit the Gulf coast.

Surprising, it is around freezing point today. Maybe I bring the cold from Wisconsin to Florida. Anyway, went to Cedar Key to enjoy the nice Gulf Coast. Sunny and around 60's. However, it seems that this kind of temperture was still too cold for local Florida people since almost nobody was there. Had a nice walk in the sun and relax a little bit. And it is the spring break this week for the students in UF so the whole city is quiet and more relaxed too.


Michael said...

Whoo got spammed : -) Congratulations!

That's the good thing about being used to Winter - you can enjoy Florida when it's "too cold" for the locals!

Ice John's World said...

No, not again! Those annoyed spam! Kill it already! You are right, Michael. It is easier to enjoy the peaceful warm sunshine here when most of the local people hide inside their house! LOL.

DEREK said...

I've got friend there this weekend. They had a blast. You really travel a lot.