Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana Jones 4 on Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend passed so fast that I barely remember what I did. Went down to Chicago to visit some out-of-town friends and just chilled out, literally, since it was only in low 50'F in one of the days. Of course, I went to see Indiana Jones 4.

My conclusion is - not that interesting. Yes, it has its moments of referring to all the 50s stuff and the first 3 Indiana Jones movies. The cast is doing decent jobs on convincing you that they still have it. However, the story line is really bad. Does it really take about 20 years to come out such a lousy plot? An alien skull as the final treasure? I think we shall all just wait for "X-file 2" instead. All the special effects and stunts stuff are just about the average. In the era of the "Transformers" and "Bourne" series, it definitely shows the age of the franchise. I guess it does not matter anyway since it has become the 2nd higher box office ever for the Memorial Day weekend. However, within the preview trailers before the Indy 4, the "Dark Knight" really seems to have lots of potentials and more worth of waiting.

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