Friday, August 22, 2008

Strawberry Cranberry Pie and Garden Hibiscus

Summer almost reaches the end and the weather just stays cool this year. The hardy Hibiscus in the garden is in the peak now. It is covered by almost 20 big white with pink edges 10" diameter flowers everyday. Each flower is the size of an 8-year old kid (measured with my niece's head. :) )

It is also the peak season of the fresh strawberry. They are in decent price and look so delicious in the store so I have to buy some. I remember that I still have some frozen cranberries in the freezer so I make this strawberry and cranberry pie with oatmeal/brown sugar streusel on the top of the pie. The sour taste of the cranberry counter balances with the sweetness of the sugar and strawberry. Yum! Have several big trips coming up in the next several weeks so I guess it will be a busy September for me. Just wish that the summer can stay here longer. Really don't want the bitter winter comes back too soon.


sandy said...

Yum. I stumbled upon the straw-/cranberry combo earlier in the summer. Isn't it great? I like the crumble idea, too.

Ice John's World said...

Hello, Sandy,

Actually, I decided to make that pie due to the inspiration of your post! :)