Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work In Arab Festival

The summer passes so fast here that the fear of winter not far away is almost overwhelmed. OK, not try to write a horror novel here. This year is just very cool and wet so far. The temperature never reaches 90'F (33'C) so far and it is the 5th time that ever happens since the record of southeast Wisconsin weather exists. All garden flowers are significantly delayed to grow and bloom. Some flowers such as Cannas or Dahlias might not even get a chance to bloom if the early frost arrives in September.

Worked in the Arab festival on this past weekend as a Red Cross first aid provider again. The whole festival ground was very quiet despite the nice weather. It was sunny with mild breeze and the temperature was around 70'F (20'C). The music and food were good but just not many people there. My nieces and nephews were there and they had a great time to ride the camels. It was just a nice weekend. And as you can see from the picture, they are gearing up to get the festival ground ready for the upcoming Harley-Davidson 105th anniversary big event in 3 weeks. It will be quite a traffic jam again.

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