Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moon Cake And Autumn

This coming Saturday will be the annual Moon Festival again! It also means that fall should be in full swing now. Went to the Cleveland Chinatown and bought some moon cakes. Most of the moon cakes have the salty egg yolks which I really do not like. I still remember to get spanked by digging yolks out of the moon cakes and throwing it away when I was a kid since egg yolks were the expensive part of the moon cakes. So I bought the kind with only lotus paste in the moon cakes. That small piece of moon cake costs almost $5. The package is just too beautiful to eat and I suspect half of the cost goes into the package instead of the real cake.
Hard to believe that it gets quite chilly here in Cleveland too. And almost 60% of the leaves have changed the color if they were not knocked down by the heavy rain and gusty wind early this week. By the way, I found this in the Chinese supermarket! What a surprise! It brings back so many childhood memories. The economic condition of my family was not too good when I was young. We could not afford to buy any candies and snacks. But my mom would always try her best to get something besides the daily meals for us. This was one of the snacks we ate. Mom boiled them and we would wait anxiously next to stove for them to be done. And we were so happy to eat them. It brought us more joy than going to the theme park or having all the candies. It is amazingly how simple and cheap things could bring so much fun back to those poor days.


Michael said...

What are those? They look like seahorses, but I know they're not.

Steven said...

I love LingJiao. That is one of favorite snack. Chop it open in the middle and squeeze the meat out of shell with teeth. When I was kid, we could go to ponds and lakes to collect them too. Life was a lot of fun then without all the modern distraction.

Ice John's World said...

Michael, those are the roots of water caltrop, one kind of plant growing in the pond and floating on water surface. Very delicious!

Ice John's World said...

I love LingJiao too but I had never found it in US until my trip to Cleveland Chinatown. Wonder how Same would think about it by looking at the picture. :)