Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Leaves Weaving

Spring is finally here! Today is just a beautiful sunny day with breeze and the temperature is around 60 degrees (15'C). Lots of flowers such as Crocus have started to bloom and the Daffodil and the Tulips have started to grow leaves and flower buds too. Today is also Palm Sunday and my best friend's mom got palm leaves from her church and asked me to help weave them based on an old instruction she got from a book. It took me about 40 minutes to learn and get it done! They turned out great and almost look like wheat! Hope that the nice weather stays since you never know in Wisconsin this time of the year.


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Anonymous said...

Very interesting...woven palm leaves!

Sherry said...

the weaving reminds me of how Malaysian rice cakes which are made by the malay community during their festive celebration(Hari Raya)in our country, Malaysia. It's called the ketupat. Wonder if you have heard of it?