Friday, June 15, 2007

Job or Love?

This job hunting is really killing me. I know that this NYC offer will be good for my career in the next 10 years even though with all the finance disadvantage it presents now. And the work contents and co-workers are all great.

However, I met "the one" in my life here. We build a life together and so much more. But that also means that I will have to accept a job that I do not like and does not have too much career potential for me in the future. I guess this is the typical problem lots of career women encounter but I just never thought about a guy like me would ever encounter something like this.

I always think myself as very goal oriented. And that's the reason why I traveled half the world to US to get my difficult Ph.D. degree in Engineering field and got myself a job in the biggest medical equipment company in the world. But somehow, I think I change in the way of pursuing the material world success. As I cross the 30-year old age line, I found myself wanting to settle down with someone. So here I am, facing another turing point of the life/career change, I am really struggling between picking a job I love or a person I love. I wish a great answer to satisfy both conditions will appear soon. But I think that I know the answer all the way: there is always another job, but there might not be another person I love and truly love me back. All I need to do now is to convince myself completely that's really the correct answer that I will not regret..


Tony said...

Someone is going through a much similar process as I did 4 years ago at 43, only earlier. Money is only money which I associate a job to...we too often let that drive our life. Friends and family, etc. can never be retrieved once they are gone from our life for good. A job of somme sort can be. I think you catch my drift. Great posts here! Thanks for checking in at my blog...welcome.

Ice John's World said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tony!