Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Second Summer Movie - Pirates of Caribbean 3

Well, after seeing the "Spiderman 3" back to May, I haven't really seen any big summer movie until this past weekend. Since the ending of last "Pirates" movie is not really an ending but the introduction to this "At World's End" sequal, I just had to find out what the real "end" is (it turns out that they still leave an ending that can spin off more sequal, surprise, surprise).
Since I am really not a fan of crowded movie theater, I waited for almost a month until this past weekend to see this movie. Surprising, it was still 50% full in the theater.
The movie is a little bit too long and the storyline is too messy. The special effects are alright but nothing special compared to the previous two. Without any big sea monster in this one, it just falls flat with only the one big water swirl pool and sea war scenes. I suppose it does provide the ending of all the main characters. Somehow, it is just not as exciting as the previous ones. Aw, well, it is just a summer no-brain movie. Just hope that the latest "Die Hard" movie will better.

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