Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Seven Interests

OK. Here comes the first meme for me. i comment on coryblankjournal so he chose seven interests from my profile and I would have to explain what they mean and why I am interested in them.

Since I only listed 8 interests in my profile, Cory really did not have too many choices. Here are what coryblank chose for me:

1) baking
I was originally from Asia. From where I come, oven is a very rare thing. Only professional bakery has the oven. Almost everybody bought the bread/pastry at the bakery. So I was really excited to know that almost every house has an oven! And I got to learn how to bake!

2) cake decoration
Alright, this one actually is the extension from the baking. Back home, all the birthday cakes were decorated wonderfully but not so here. Only the expensive wedding cake has something decent. One day, I watched the food network Challenge cake decoration and it made me want to get to learn more about it.

3) running
I always like to run. It gives me a chance to enjoy the fresh air and forget all the troubles from work.

4) swimming
My dad was a Navy general. So, I guess you get thepicture. :)

5) volunteer work
I have been volunteered for American Red Cross for almost 7 years. It started as a way to know more poeple since I did not know anybody when I first came to Milwaukee. Besides, it feels great to get to help people and learn some medical skills.

6) weight lifting
Gym is another thing we did not have back home. When I went to the school down in Florida, I started to do the weight training with my professor, who used to play college football back to his college days. And I found that I really liked it and it did make me grow quite a lot of muscle mass!

7) wrestling
I have been practiced martial art since I was 7. My uncle serves in law enforcement and he would teach me all the judo/wrestling moves. I like the exercise and body contact of it.

Ok. Hope that I provide enough interesting info here.

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