Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Work Day 2 In Eindhoven, Netherlands

The meetings today all went very well. The rain finally stopped and we got to see the pretty fall scenery on the way back to hotel.

Well, it turned out that we went to an American grill steak house, "Rodeo", for dinner today. It is just interesting to come to Europe and go to an American style restaurant. Normally, I would prefer more local cuisine. What can I say, my co-worker was just a meat eater and wanted a big steak. And there was really an electric cow you could sit on it on and played rodeo. I ordered a combo of tenderloin (beef) and lamb chop. It was not bad. Still a little bit too raw for me even it was medium done. My co-worker really liked the Westmalle Dubbel trappist beer and he even managed to convinced the restaurant manager to sell him the glass served the beer. Apparently, most of the places here served the beer in the brand matching glass.

After the dinner, we went back to the bar in the hotel since my co-worker wanted to have more beer. I again ordered the fizzle ice tea. We asked the waitress what was the deal with all the sparkling ice tea and she said ice tea was like that all over the Europe. They did not have gas-free (bubble-free) ice tea until almost one year ago and it was most for kids. :) And of course, the ice tea came with the matching brand glass. I have never seen the Lipton tea glass before. Quite interesting. Maybe I should buy a ice tea glass to take home too!


jimmycity said...

I want to try the sparkling iced tea now!

Hurry home so you can bake more cakes!

Ice John's World said...

Wish I could send some to you. But I don't plan to check in any luggage so I cannot bring on liquid stuff on board. Sorry. Soon, will start to bake holiday cookies once I get home!