Monday, July 21, 2008

Guess What I Got?

Guess what I got? Saw it during the shopping at the Sam's Club and got one immediately. It talks, dances, sings, and does silly moving as you saw in the movie. It comes with a remote that you can even program different moves. By the way, its eyes will light up as blue when it moves/sings/talk/dance! Quite an interesting toy!

Also went to see "Hellboys 2". Very great visual effects and interesting monsters. Some parts of it was a little bit slow but overall was very entertained. The line for "Dark Knight" was too long so I would wait until next weekend when the everybody else has already seen it.


jimmycity said...

Oh, my GOD! I want one! I want one! I want one!

Ice John's World said...

You should check your local Sam's club for it. It is less expensive than any on-line or local toy stores. But they don't stock too many of them. Get it soon! :)