Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two 80th Birthday Cakes

Finally,it's getting warmer but still around cool side. It was the 80th birthday of my best friend's mother the other day and I made 2 cakes for the birthday party. I was sent to Cleveland for work and did not come back to town until the night before the party so I had to stay up past the midnight and continued to work on the 2nd day the following morning. I did not finish the decoration of the cakes until 1 hour before the party since these 2 cakes were complicated to assemble and decorate.

The first one is the yellow cake with apricot filling. Decorated with basket weave of 2 flavor frosting: yellow is lemon and white is whipped vanilla. The second one is the dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting and filling and decorated with chocolate roses, etc. Since they were both freshly made, they stayed moisture. All the guests in the party really liked the taste and design of both cakes. Overall, the chocolate cake was more popular due to the taste but the basket weave one won by the look. I was just happy that I could finish both cakes and all the guests liked them.

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