Monday, July 7, 2008

Summerfest On July 4th Weekend

Worked in one of the biggest music festival - summerfest on this past July 4th weekend as the first aid provider again. This is my 9th year to work in this festival. The weather was great, sunny and around low 70s. Very quiet and only one drunk drama. A drunk and obnoxious woman was screaming at her 13-year-old niece for nothing. The young girl just cried in the first aid station and would not leave.

That really caused the problem for us to take care of other people who needed the first aid service. I had to turn her and her drunk aunt over to the security. The security eventually evicted the drunk aunt out of the festival ground and sent the teenager to the lost-child area. Besides that, everything was cool. Was able to enjoy some music but bored to tears otherwise since nothing happened. I guess it was not a bad thing that nobody got hurt and for all the medical staff to be bored. :)

Got friends in town to visit during the long weekend and we also went to see Wall-E. I think it is just OK. The computer animation is really amazing for the realistic of the metal and plastic surface. The story line is the usual soft loving Disney thing pluses the environmental green theme. The first half is more interesting but the last 1/3 of the movie is a little bit yawning and boring. I don't really like it that much as the previous other movies. But it is still a nice family fun movie to watch in the summer. Hope that everybody had a great weekend!


DEREK said...

I went and saw Wanted and Wal-E this past weekend, both were awesome! HOpe your doing great bud!

Ice John's World said...

Howdy, Derek! Thanks for stopping by.