Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grinding Day Continues In Florida

I was back to the grinding mill in Florida after only spending 3 days at home in Wisconsin. Today is day 5 non-stop working day even though it is the weekend. The project is in the crunching time so I just have to bite the tongue and keep going until this coming Friday when it hits the deadline.

The only good thing is the warm weather down here. So far, it has been 60'F (15'C) in the daytime and 30-40'F (-2'C-5'C) at night. It feels warm to me but all the local people are complaining about the cold. I just jokingly call them wimps. :) I could even get some Ben & Jerry's ice cream (strawberry kiwi, mango lime, and chunky monkey) and enjoyed it outside while locals hid indoor and shivered.


Sam said...

hehehe, you show all those weather wimps! Glad you get a little time to unwind and relax.

Ice John's World said...