Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Cookies 11 & 12 - White Chocolate Cherry Cookies And Double Chocolate Mint Cookies

Happy Christmas Eve! Here is the champion cookie this year, "White Chocolate Cherry Cookies"! Shortbread kind of cookie. The perfect combination of cherry flavor and not too sweet white chocolate. I did not expect that the maraschino cherries would make such a nice tasty cookie but they did! Beautiful and great taste! One of the best cookies I have ever made!

Next one is the "Double Chocolate Mint Cookies". If you like girl scout mint cookie, this one is your heavenly gift since it is much better than girl scout one! 3rd place in this year's Christmas cookies. The wonderful chocolate based dough plus the semi-sweet chocolate bits in the cookie and super minty flavor make this one instantly crowd favor!


Jeff said...

OMG!! These all look SO good! I think I've put on half a pound just browsing! But that's what Christmas is all about, no?

Merry Christmas!

Ice John's World said...

Thanks and happy holidays to you, Jeff!