Monday, July 2, 2007

Me And The Summerfest

The first time I came to Milwaukee was back to the summer of 1997. I was offered an intern job in Milwaukee during that summer. As a southern boy in Florida, I have never heard about this city.

The job was very interesting and we had a group of 60-70 interns all lived in UW-Milwaukee's dorm. And as you can imagine, we all went out after the work. And that was the first time I was introduced to the world's biggest and great music festival, Summerfest. It attracts more than one million people during its annual 11-day stop at Milwaukee's Lakefront.

I still remember that a bunch of us wented into the festival ground around noon time to get the free hand stamp so we could get into the Tina Turner's concert for the free grass seat. It was a lot of fun and beer drink for sure. Then, I went back to Florida and finish the school in the following year. I was then offered a job in big "G" so I moved to Wisconsin and saw the snow the first time in my life that year. That is another story I will leave it later.

Since then, I have been to Summerfest almost every year. Part of it is for the great music, part of it is due to my volunteer work for American Red Cross in the festival. I have been voluteered for Red Cross as a first aid provider for years. Red Cross provides trained volunteer staff in the first aid station at the festival ground. Usually, it is a very nice festival and you get to see quite a nice lineup of different performances from 11 different stages. However, "music+beer" in a long hot summer day/night, some people just cannot control their own behaviors. I have been called to assist multiple fight/injury incidences during the festivals. Most of the time, it is always the small thing such as "you spill the beer on me", "you push my girlfriend", or "that's my place on the picnic table!". As you can see from the picture above, it is always crowed and of course the push and shuffle accidents happened. But the alchol just let loose some people's temper and self-control.

I remeber that I was called to scene to take care of the injury from a fight. When I got to there, both guys had been separated by the securities. One guy covered his mouth with his hand and the blood was coming through the fingers. His opponent had the right hand wrapped in a paper towel. I guess you might think that the bleeding guy was the one who got hurt worse. At least, that was what I thought back then. I went to take care the hand over mouth bleeding guy first. Apparently, his opponent landed a punch right on his mouth while he was cursing back. He lost the two front teeth. Strange thing was that none of either teeth was broken. They were ripped off the gum (I will save you some bloody images). Anyway, some ice and gause to take care of him first. Then, I went to check on the paper towl on right hand guy, A.K.A, the one who punched the teeth off his opponent guy. When I removed the paper towel, I saw those two front teeth from the other guy embedded into the back of his right hand just like a pair of piercing rings. They were so deeply cut into the hand that I could see some white tissues. And he had some problem to move his fingers. The nerve evidently got pushed or damaged by the teeth. So the one who seemed to win the fight actually got hurt worse. They both got sent to the hospital immediately.

Not sure why I ended of writing so much about that incidence. It just seems that there are always people having way too much fun and completely forgetting about anything else. Aw, well, I am heading back to the job search and down to the festival ground to volunteer this afternoon. Chao!

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