Saturday, December 15, 2007

12 Days of Christmas Cookies - Day 1 - Lemon Cream Bars

It is snowing again outside today. On the top of the already accumulated 2 feet snow, it really makes a mess. And it's only early December! What a long winter this year will be.

Anyway, I have started to bake different kind of cookies for Christmas. Every year, I bake multiple kinds of cookies so I can send them as the gift. Here is the first one I make this year: Lemon Cream Bars.

The crust and top crumbles are both made of moisture lemon cake mix with crush walnuts and eggs. The filling is the mixture of lemon frosting, cream cheese and eggs. Bake at 350 degree for 35 minute until the top is golden brown and you get these delicious, not too sweet, very tasty bars. The bonus is that it makes the whole house smells very lemony and good.


Tony said...

Oh John...this is soooooooo not fair! I ate like I pig at my sister's party tonight including dessert. Then I come here...what do start things off with 12 Days of Christmas Cookies. The pounds, the pounds. And the first one to boot - lemon bars...a dire weakness. I hate you. LOL. :-P

Ice John's World said...

More to come, Tony. It's holiday season. You can always go back to the gym after the new year! :)

jimmycity said...

To a big guy, this is more like "The 12 Days Of Soft Pornography"!

The people you will gift with all of these will be very lucky, indeed!

Ice John's World said...

Happy holidays, Jimmy. Too bad that you lived so far away from me. Otherwise, you will get a basket of all 12 kinds of cookies from me for sure. :)