Sunday, December 2, 2007

Trip to Finland

After 19-hour travel, I finally got to Helsinki, Finland. Just checked in the hotel which is only 5 minute drive from the airport. There is snow everywhere on the ground, at least 5", and about 35'F. Not that cold since it is not windy.

The first leg of my flight was delayed due to the snow storm as you can see from the picture. I took it from the airplane window. We sat on the runway for almost 1 hour and finally got the permission to take off. As you can imagine, it almost messed up all the rest of my flights. When we got to Detroit, the next flight had started the boarding process so I had to run like crazy at the airport and barely made it before the cabin door closed.

The second leg of the flight was actually late again since the snow storm had caught up and moved from Milwaukee area to Detroit area as well. It was another fully booked flight and the woman sat next to me was really really smelly. It was like that she had not taken showers for weeks. I had to endure through the small seats and smell for the next 8 hours. Fortunately, at least, the entertainment unit on the plane worked and I played some video games and watched the movie, "Stardust". Very interesting movie.

We got to the Amsterdam late so I only got about 1 hour to pass the custom and walk miles to the other end of the terminal. Fortunately, no delay for the last leg of the flight. Checked in the hotel and as usual, very tiny room. I found this strange shower head thing in the bathroom and wondered what it was for. Wash ass or woman's private area?

Got to take a nap now. It's already dark and cloudy outside even though it is only 3pm.