Monday, December 10, 2007

Helsinki, Finland Trip Conclusion

I have been back to US from Helsinki, Finland since last Friday. It was another 19-hour long trip and I was still trying to recover from the jet lag. The picture shown here was the pitiful Christmas tree in the front of the Helsinki facility. It was really like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree so I had to take a picture. And please notice that the picture was taken at 1pm during a clear day. As you can see, still very dark and almost no day light. Don't think I can stand to stay the whole winter there.

Another interesting thing is that all the local engineers wore only sandals at work. Very strange dress code there. :) I just wonder if they wore the snow boots to the office and changed into the comfortable sandals.

Next interesting thing is the way they made the bed in the hotel. I had a little bit difficult time to figure out how to sleep with those comforts. There were 2 pieces of comforts kind of stuff folded half on the bed. That's it. Not sure how I was supposed to sleep in. Should I just sleep in between of one of the folded comforts and left a big opening on the side of my body or should I just open up one of comforts to cover myself? I guess it is either way.

Well, the last picture is the Helsinki train station. The weather was miserable that night, rainy and old, so I could not take any good picture. There are a couple of more pictures on my flickr account if you are interested in seeing them. Overall, it was a good trip but the flight was just way too long and I had to change flights 3 times. Of course, it does not help that it was cold and snowy just like Finland when I came back to Wisconsin. And there might be an ice storm here tomorrow, yikes!

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