Monday, December 3, 2007

Helsinki, Finland Day 2

Ok, now I finally "feel" how north Finland is on the earth. This pictures was taken 8am from my hotel room and it looked just like mid-night! And it never really got bright through the day. Just cloudy, gray and snow. Yike!

Good news is that things went very well for work. We met the local team and had several good meetings and discussions. But it was quite a long day and we worked from 9:00am to 6pm and came out of the building to find out that it had snowed another 4" or so. Since we did not have cars, we all ate at the hotel restaurant again. Hope that I will get a chance to see something else besides hotel, manufacture, and airport tomorrow since I leave on Thursday 7:00am.

One thing I found out very interesting in the hotel I stay is the fire exit. It is located outside the hallway and it is lighted up as blue neon! I went outside to take some pictures and found out that it was covered by snow and ice. What a nice way to have people trip and slide from 4th floor to the first floor if they try to flee from the room during the fire!

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