Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dinner Choices

I woke up this morning around 3:00am and could barely fall asleep again even though I did take the Melatonin before I went to bed. Guess the jeg lag was still there.I took the train from Eindhoven to Best the first time today and it was actually quite easy. Only 2 stops about 10-minute ride.

Everything went well today and I learned some new things. The dinner choice so far in Eindhoven was alright. Yesterday I went to the Thai restaurant that my boss and I visited last time.I ordered the spicy coconut milk pork. The food was good but somehow they could not process my company credit card so I had to
use my personal credit card again. I just wonder how much transaction fee I
will get charged at the end of this assignment if I keep charging
everything on my personal card. The place was decorated pretty well as you can see from the picture.

Tonight, I went to a restaurant called "Carousel" because there was a carousel in the summer in the front of that place. I ordered a shrimp pasta. It was really not that good since all the shrimps were very tiny and not fresh. They tasted/looked just like the frozen ones you bought in cheap grocery store frozen food section. I will not go back there anytime soon for sure. Bedtime here. Hope that I can get some good sleep tonight.

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