Monday, January 7, 2008

Eindhoven, Netherlands - I'm Back!

After the long 17-hour trip, I finally made it back to Eindhoven, Netherlands and checked in the same hotel again. Well, at least, this time I took the different route to get to here. I actually flew to Amsterdam and took the train from there to Eindhoven. Quite a different experience.

Since I have never taken the train from the Amsterdam airport concord before, I had to do some guessing work. But it turned out that everything was very straightforward and easy. The train station was just right outside the baggage claim area and you could buy the train ticket with credit card on a ticket machine right inside the baggage claim area. The train station was ok.

However, the train I took from Amsterdam to Eindhoven was a little disappointed. It was very confused about the 1st class and 2nd class ticket since I really could not tell the difference between those 2. They were almost the same but the price of 1st class was twice more of the 2nd class. The chair was spotted and old for the so-called "1st class" so I guess I would start to buy 2nd class train ticket from now on.

Surprisingly, it was actually sunny during my train ride this morning. I got to Eindhoven around 11am. After checking in my hotel room, I took a shower and just skipped the lunch and crashed on my bed and took a long nap until 4pm. And I went outside to have a walk and it had already become to very windy and cloudy. When I went back to hotel room to change clothes and went out again for dinner and it had started to rain! Aw, well, I got to get ready since tomorrow would be the first day to go to work and I haven to try to figure out how to take the train then bus from here to the company.

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