Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Work Day 2008 And "National Treasure" Movie

Today is the first day back to work. After one week vacation at home, it does take some efforts to go back to the normal work. Surprising, not a lot of e-mails, guess everybody is still on the holiday recovery mode.

The snow finally stopped yesterday and it was actually a decent new year day. I did not do anything crazy on the new year eve. Just watched TV to see the time square ball drop at home. A friend and I went to see the "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" on new year day. It was a quite entertaining movie. It uses a lot of interesting facts to make up the clues for treasure hunt. !!!Spoiler Alert!!!

Of course, it is hard to convince anybody that a Maya Gold temple hidden Mount Rushmore. And that the bad guy eventually turns out to be not that bad is just too Disney movie. And the obvious "page 42" clue for the sequel is just a little much. Well, back to work, happy new year!

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