Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rainy Weekend - Search For Local Windmill

It has been a very wet weekend so far. It was rainy and windy all yesterday. It got a little bit better today but still rained lightly from time to time. But the gusty wind still made it hard to enjoy any outdoor activities. Basically, the bad weather ruined my original plan to visit Amsterdam and Delta Works (Netherlands engineering miracles to prevent the flood from North Sea). I really don't want to spend the money and time to go to those places and cannot see anything due to the rain and cold wind.

However, it was really boring to stay in the hotel and doing nothing. There were only several Dutch TV stations here and nothing was interesting on. Besides, I don't understand Dutch anyway. So, I still went out in the rain to walk around the town of Eindhoven anyway. Not surprisingly, not a lot of people outside. The wind was so gusty that it destroyed my umbrella so I had to walk in the rain. I was able to get to the famous local art museum, Van Abbemuseum. However, It was not open when I got there. I was already soaking wet so I just wanted to head back to hotel and get dry. And that was the only adventure I had on Saturday.

Today, it looked like the weather improved. At least, it was not the pouring rain. I almost decided to jump on the train and headed to the Amsterdam. However, on my way to the train station, the wind and rain picked up again so I gave up that thought pretty quickly. I remembered that I saw a windmill on the side of the road during my last trip to here last year. However, I didn't remember the exact location of the windmill. I only remembered that it was on one of the roads to work and it seemed to be about 15 or 20 minutes away from Eindhoven downtown. So I decided to have a walking trip to search for it.

The good thing was that I did remembered all the intersections and the name of the roads. However, it turned out to be much further away than I thought. I kept walking and searching but just could not seem to find it. It got worse when it started to rain again. Finally, after walking in the rain for almost 1 hour and 10 minutes, I finally found the only local windmill. It looked very interesting outside.

However, it looked like that it was deserted judging by the look of the room on its base. The gate to the main entrance of the windmill was locked so it apparently was not open to public so I could not go inside to check it out. Aw, well, it took me another one hour and 10 minute walk back to hotel in the rain. On the way back, I did get a chance to check out local people's garden. Well, they really did not have that much space here so most of the garden was barely the space of a parking lot in US and most of them only had one or two trees. Of course, it is winter now so no annual flowers for sure. I did find several houses using the interesting structure shown in the pictures to support the growth of some kind of fruit trees (for decoration). Wonder what it would look like in the late summer when the trees were full of fruits on those structures. Well, that concludes my rainy weekend!

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