Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coconut Cake For Rainy Day

It is getting annoyed that we have heavy down pouring rain everyday. It has been very hot and wet recently. Today is the 5th day with the thunderstorm/rain and the temperature is around 85 degree. I almost think I am back to Florida. But it even did not rain continuously so many days back to my days in Florida.

Anyway, due to the rainy weather, I decided to make a cake and devote it to the blog friend, Jimmy. It is a coconut cake with vanilla pudding filling and vanilla-whip cream frosting. However, since Jimmy was actually living quite far away and a bunch of my friends stopped by coincidentally when the cake was done, a big piece was already gone before I could even take a picture. And the whole cake disappeared in less than one hour. Guess everybody must be pretty hungry and boring in this wet rainy day. Hope the rain stops soon.


Robguy said...

I loves me some coconut cake!

jimmycity said...

WOW! That looks deeelicious!

You DO realize, I hope, that your friends are casing your place regularly, waiting to pounce on the next masterpiece out of your oven, right?

Michael said...

Poor Jimmy didn't even get a piece of it!