Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Okay, I admit that I have seen way too many movies this summer. However, it has been raining since yesterday noon so I could not go running outdoor as I planned to. Naturally, to see a movie would come as the best option in such a rainy day. It took a while to decide between "Stardust" and "Rush Hour 3". As usual, a comedy usually won.

"Rush Hour 3" is pretty much using the same formula as the previous two, that is, Chris Tucker's funny jokes plus Jackie Chan's ass-kicking actions. It has some funny moments and good action sequences, especially, the final Eiffel Tower fighting scenes. And the surprising cameo of Roman Polanski as a French cop is actually quite funny. However, it does show a little bit of getting old for this series of the movies. The storyline is just silly and sometimes does not even make sense. But as an entertaining summer movie, I will give it a thump up. At least, I think it is much better than the "Superbad", which I think it is really super bad. If you want a 2-hour of relaxed fun movie time, give "Rush Hour 3" a try.

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