Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rainy Day Pool Party

It is finally the weekend again. There are surprisingly so many parties to go this summer. Today, it was a pool party in one of the friends' big house. They have a big mansion and a nice size of outdoor heated pool. Their 3 kids really like to go swimming and play in the pool in the summer. They even rent this big outdoor 30-ft tall air slide for all the kids that come to the party. Unfortunately, it rained hard the whole day during the party. The rain made the slide too slippery for the kids to play on it. What a pity.

I made some lemon bars for the party. I made slightly change of the recipe to cut down the tartness of the lemon but still kept the good flavor. And it received pretty well in the party, especially, from women. Guess most of the ladies just like the tart stuff more.

Since it was rainy outside, everybody was crowded indoor. The food was very good. They had a food catering inside the house and there were tons of desserts, pies, cookies, snacks. They also got a 150" plus big home theater with the customized airplane first class kind of seats so all the kids happily gathered there to watch "Shrieks" and "Sponge Bob".

Overall, it was a nice party and of course, I ate too much again. If it stops raining tomorrow, I will have to go for another 5-mile run again to consume all the sugar calories.


Robguy said...

Sounds good. I love me a good lemon bar.

jimmycity said...

A jimmycity tactic: push the kids into the pool (raining or not), and then run like hell to the dessert table!