Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Weekend

It's another nice summer weekend again. The weather is still quite warm and humid. Apparently, the Hibiscus in the garden really likes the weather since it has been blooming like crazy with each flower the size of a dinner plate (7" plus).

Did not really plan to do anything special. Just relax. Went to a lunch business party yesterday and had potato salad, one bratwurst, and some chicken. The brat was good but the chicken was cold and tasted a little bit raw. Fortunately, we got to go to the Thai food restaurant to have some delicious chicken Pud Thai for the dinner. Pud Thai basically is a rice noodle dish cooked with vegetable, peanut sauce and the meat of choice. Yum! And the leftover will be for tonight's dinner then.

Aw, it is almost 4pm on Sunday afternoon again. Why is weekend always passing so fast? Hope that everybody has a nice weekend.

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