Monday, July 16, 2007

Cakes For Twin Girls!

The weather was really nice on this past weekend for my friends' 5-year-old twin girls birthday. I made 2 lemon cakes with vanllina frosting (tea pot cake) and the chocaloate cream chees frosting. Everybody seems to like both cakes. not surprisingly, the kids were more interested in the candies and the frostings than the cake itself.

We then let the girsl go outside to ride on their birthday gifts - new bikes. They had a good time and we all got some sun tan by sitting under the sun.
Got a phone call from a close friend last night and she offered to send out some e-mails for some possible contract jobs. Hope that something will come up soon. It just seems that lots of people are on vacation during this time of the year so it really take a long time to hear back from all the companies.

By the way, happy birthday to Bigg! I would make a cake for him if he lived closer and requested it!


Tony said...

Ok this isn't fair. I'm going to think about sweets all day now. Those cakes look YUMMY!~ Dang I am going to gain 50 lbs just coming to this site.

DEREK said...

these look so good, thanks for sending me the receipe for the dino cake mr!