Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter! Movie 5 and Book 7!

OK, I will have to call this past weekend "my Harry Potter weekend". In addition to going to the see the "Order of the Phoenix" movie, I also got to join the crowd and read the final book "Deathly Hallows". I definitely had my fix of the year for Harry Potter.

Let's start from the movie, "Order of the Phoenix". I was really surprised that they were able to pack that thick book into a 2-hour so movie. Lots of stuffs were cut out and the movie became a little bit not very fluent. It did explain and introduce most of the important characters and story lines. However, it seemed that the whole movie was consisted of multiple pieces small films. Sometimes, it felt that lots of fillers were put in the movie and awkward between major scenes. For the audience who have not read the book, I would imagine they got to have a hard time to know what was going on by watching this movie. The special effect was good and the acting was alright. It was amazed to see that all 3 leading cast grow up so much and all look adults now. I like the movie but just do not feel completely happy about it.

I knew that the book would be sold out on Saturday so I even did not bother to wait in lint to buy it. But at the same time, I do know some friends who will do whatever it takes to get the book on Friday midnight and finish reading it before the dawn of Saturday morning. So, I made an effort to call and visit them and borrow the book and finish reading myself before Sunday night.

It is a very interesting book. Lots of twists and surprise. And I can tell that Ms. Rowling really want to finish off the series by killing lots of characters and arranging lots of magic duet to the death in this final book. Personally, I don't really like the happy ending but it is a children book series so I will accept the happily ever ending. Now it will be interesting to see how much money the movie studio will spend on adapting this last book into the movie.

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