Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Job Hunting and Summer Lilies

Got another phone interview this morning from a local company. It was more like an initial information collection with a human resource person. I still have to wait to see if the hiring manager will call back to have further interview. I guess this is just a slow time of the year for hiring since the kids are out of school and lots of people are on vacation or attending different events.

There are just not many hi-tech companies in this area. Most of the time, I feel that I am over-qualified for lots of the local jobs. Who knows that a doctorate degree will cause such a scenario? But I still do not want to apply for a faculty job in college/university. I had enough of the academy ugly fighting under the table, between professors and researchers. It was worse for those really famous faculty members in the really famous schools. Just don't want to go back to those days again. So, I will continue to search something locally. However, I might get an interview with Google! But it is in California so I don't think it will go anywhere anyway.

Besides the job hunting, I got some time to enjoy the garden flowers more. All the Orienpet Lilies and Daylilies in the garden start to bloom. They are very showy and have some fragrant, which take my mind off the job hunting temporarily.

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Tony said...

Oh but Google's headquarter is so COOL. And I understand the work environment is suppose to be decent. They're not to far from me.