Thursday, July 12, 2007


After waiting for a week to escape the July 4th crowd in the movie theater, I finally got a chance to see the "Transformers" yesterday. Wow, what a great movie! I will give it 5 stars out of 5!

It really surpassed my expectation. The CGI effects were just amazing. The robots' metal surface just looked so real that it was hard to believe that it was computer generated. Of course, the transforming process was so fast and complicated that I could barely have time to catch 40% of it. Michael Bay's usual fast-paced explosion filming style proves to work for this kind of the movie again. The acting and script both worked very well. It really did not have any slow point in the movie that the 2 hour 30 minute movie time just passed fast!

It did bring back a lot of my childhood memory. I used to watch the cartoon series and memorized all the characters and got several robot toys. I was always fascinated by the way that the cars/planes transforming into robots. I think that's what make me become a engineering geek. :)

The movies does make some changes compared to the original cartoon/comic series. For examples, the Megatron now transforms into a fighter jet. It used to transform into a gun. The explanation is that the Hasbro has concerns of making a toy gun based on Megatron since it's illegal to make gun shape toys in many countries. Of course, now all the cars are GM manufactured. Bet GM paid big bucks for that. So, Bumblebee is a Camaro now (1974 then 2009). The robots do not have the human faces anymore, which made them look even more realistic. I absolutely love it! It will be very interesting to find out how they came up with the concepts of transforming. I heard that they were using a math equation to calculate the transforming process. Maybe I should apply for a job at Lucas' Light&Magic.

I still regret sometime about my mistake many years ago to reject a job offer from a then small starting animation company to make movies about a story of some toys actually were alive and a clown fish searching its lost son Ne_ _. I was asked to help come up some computer algorithms to simulate the movements of fish/creatures under water and the water flowing effects. I was just too chicken to jump in a start-up, instead, I chose the big "G" in medical diagnostic equipment company. Man, sometimes I do wonder where I will be and what kind of life I will have now if I took the risk to accept that job in Pi_ _ _. Just like Tony's post, life is just tricky, isn't it?


DEREK said...

We loved it too, we were all clapping, were you a transformers fan when you were younger, my little brother was. But I watched them with him.

Ice John's World said...

Yeah, I was a transformers fan while I was a kid. Watched all the cartoons and comic books. I even still remember most of the storylines and characters.