Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekend and Movie - Sunshine

It is the weekend again. Finally, got more phone calls from more companies. It seems that the vacation is over for most of the people so I start to get the phone call for interview. Hope that something good will come up soon.

Saw the movie, "Sunshine". It is a sci-fi movie from the director of "28 Days Later". The main storyline is evolved around the crisis of the dying sun. The earth is almost fading into the ice age again due to the fact that the sun decays its solar power dramatically. The first team of astronauts failed the mission to reach the sun. Seven years later, another team of astronauts is sent to deliver a bomb with the size of Manhattan to revive the sun. During the trip, different things happens and they have to approach the first failure spaceship to acquire some materials. And it leads to the big surprise ending.

The pace of the movie is a little bit slow until the second half of the movie. The visual effect is very good and realistic. You will find out the influence or director's paying respect to "2001: A Space Odyssey " all over the film. There are some problems about explaining some facts about the sun dying effects and the incidence at the last part of the film. I am not sure if that's director's art expression or just the problem of editing the film. Overall, I think it is worth seeing.

I am surprised to know that the box office was not that good when it was shown in Europe earlier this year. It is actually quite entertaining if you are a hard-core sci-fi fan.

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Robguy said...

I saw the advertising for this and it looked interesting.